Cambridge Advanced 2

ECTS 2.0


The Cambridge English: Advancedis an in-depth, high-level language qualification that shows you have the language skills in reading, listening, writing, speaking and use of English that employers and universities are looking for.

This qualification shows that you can:

  • follow an academic course at university level
  • communicate effectively at a managerial and professional level
  • participate with confidence in workplace meetings or academic tutorials and seminars

Learning objectives

Language aims

  • Lexis: to expand one’s knowledge of vocabulary and collocations, particularly the active use of a wide range of lexis
  • Errors: to recognise and correct one’s own errors, both written and spoken
  • Speaking: to utilize clearly the widest possible range of language; active use of lexis and language structures
  • Listening: to recognise explicit and implicit meaning in a range of audio situations; to read and answer written questions while listening
  • Reading: to use appropriate reading strategies in order to grasp the gist, details, implications and cohesive structure of a range of text types
  • Writing: to write clear, well-structured texts of appropriate style and register with well-chosen vocabulary

Previous knowledge

Entry based on placement test or successful completion of e4. Language level C1 or above.

Exam format

Continuous assessment grade