Fünf Gründe warum Leute deine mobile App hassen

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Du hast eine App erstellt und Google / Apple hat es genehmigt. Es ist soweit, es ist verfügbar … und hebt nicht ab.

Schlechte Apps sind nichts Neues: Es gibt unzählige Unternehmen, die mobile Plattformen gestartet haben, nur um zu sehen wie sie mit einer langen Liste von Einzel-Sterne-Bewertungen enden. Ich habe darüber geschrieben, was es braucht um eine mobile App erfolgreich zu machen: Hier sind nun fünf Gründe, warum es deiner mobilen App nicht gut geht.


Smartphones sind grossartig um uns über wichtige Dinge in unserem Leben zu benachrichtigen – und genau so grossartig uns zu nerven.

It’s one thing if a smartphone buzzes due to a new email and another thing entirely if it’s a nudge to do some shopping.

Don’t annoy users with constant notifications: at best those users will just open and close the app to get rid of it and at worst your app is headed for deletion and a bad review. Once a user disables notifications the app shouldn’t ask if it can turn them back on either. (I’m looking at you, official Reddit app.)

Um Likes und Bewertungen betteln

Some apps just seem to have self esteem issues. They’ve been on your phone for months, you use them regularly, and they keep asking if you like them. Don’t be that app.

Positive reviews are important but so is a smooth, interruption-free user experience. When I open up an app I’m usually trying to accomplish something, and while opening the app store to leave a review isn’t a big hassle it’s an interruption. Users don’t like those.

Verpackte Websitekopien

Mobile websites can work great, and so can mobile apps. That doesn’t mean the two should overlap in any way, though. Businesses as large as The Gap have copped out on app development and just boxed up their website. Users notice and ratings plummet.

A mobile app needs to offer something unique, whether it’s a digital coupon system, a streamlined ordering system, or a completely different interface. Putting time into researching and developing a new UI will pay off.

Gut aussehendes, schwieriges Interface


It can be tempting to come up with novel ways of navigating through an app. Unique menus, fancy buttons, and responsive elements can be wonderful, provided they don’t challenge users too much.

There are certain design elements that are universal to iOS and Android that are incorporated into most apps. Navigating back and forward, menu popout, and button placement are mostly universal. Try to find an app with good reviews that mixes those elements up: It might be harder than you think.


Optimizing your app is key, especially if it runs in the background. Apps that eat up battery are likely to be deleted quickly no matter how useful they are. Battery life has long been considered the most important feature of smartphones, and when apps compromise it they’re not going to last long.

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